Unified x Jump Off – Madden Stream Workflow

  • Player side:
    • This section only applies if you are not already streaming to your own channel.
      • Set up your Youtube stream application on your console to broadcast an unlisted stream. Double check to make sure the stream is unlisted, not Public or Private.
      • Start stream to the channel, and provide the link to the stream to a Tournament Official (“TO”) on the JumpOff Discord.
        • Do not add any delay to the stream. This will be added on the production end, with a delay of at least 60 seconds to accommodate any potential for stream sniping and play spying.
        • Mic audio is allowed. Please refer to the Player Code of Conduct below.
        • Limit livestream facecam positioning to the bottom of the broadcast screen
      • When providing the stream link, provide the following information:
        • Username/Player Name (this is what you will be called/labeled as on stream)
        • What team you are playing as
        • Example:
          • Gamertag: MY TWITCH NAME
          • Team: Baltimore Ravens
    • Wait for TO’s instruction to start the game.
    • If there are any issues regarding Lag, be sure to message a TO and they can help resolve the issue from there.
    • You may be requested to join the official JumpOff livestream for a post-game interview after the Finals. If you are contacted by a Tournament Official, please let them know if you are able to do an interview immediately after the Finals match. A cellphone and access to Discord is required.

Failure to have a valid livestream during your Online Qualifier match may result in your disqualification for your registered weekend. No refunds are granted for disqualifications or technical difficulties that prohibit you from sharing your livestream.

Player Code of Conduct

Players must adhere to this JumpOff Player Code of Conduct for all livestream, in-person, and broadcasting activities associated with JumpOff.

  • Avoid swearing or using foul language during any form of broadcasting
  • Refrain from making derogatory remarks or comments attributed to protected classes including (but not limited to):
    • Race/Ethnicity
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Sexual Orientation
    • Disabilities
  • Disable external audio (i.e. music) that is not part of the in-game audio
  • Offensive imagery, text, or other overlay elements on personal streams is strictly prohibited
  • Any form of provocative materials including alcohol, drugs, nudity, or other expressions/substances that would be considered beyond “PG-13” is strictly prohibited.

Failure to abide by any item in the Player Code of Conduct will result in disqualification in all current and future JumpOff events.